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Pilot Project | ABA & TELEHEALTH

Trinity ABA, LLC is embarking on another aspect of ABA utilizing technology. While not everyone has easy access to a computer, most have a SmartPhone or can access a computer and the internet relatively easily. Most not all we realize.

Trinity ABA, LLC

We are launching our Pilot Program partnering with other ABA Organizations and BCBA’s to provide consulting and assessment services for organizations in areas where BCBA’s are difficult to find.

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ABA & TELEHEALTH SUCCESS at 90% on average reduction of challenging behaviors:


This research demonstrated that parents can use ABA procedures to successfully treat behavior problems associated with autism spectrum disorders regardless of whether treatment is directed by behavior consultants in person or via remote video coaching. Because ABA telehealth can achieve similar outcomes at lower cost compared with in-home therapy, geographic barriers to providing access to ABA for treating problem behavior can be minimized. These findings support the potential for using telehealth to provide research-based behavioral treatment to any family that has access to the Internet.” PEDIATRICS Volume 137 , Number S2 , February 2016 :e 20152851  Retrieved on 11-7-18 from:

About Telehealth…. 

Here is an article I found online that helps explain what Telehealth is all about (in case you didn’t already know :). Click here to read.

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