Behavior Analysis Helps Those with ADHD

ABA can serve to support behavior change for individuals with ADHD.

“TABLE 2. Effective Behavioral Techniques for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Technique Description Example

Positive reinforcement. Providing rewards or privileges contingent on the child’s performance. Child completes an assignment and is permitted to play on the computer.

Time-out. Removing access to positive reinforcement contingent on performance of unwanted or problem behavior. Child hits sibling impulsively and is required to sit for 5 minutes in the corner of the room.

Response cost. Withdrawing rewards or privileges contingent on the performance of unwanted or problem behavior. Child loses free time privileges for not completing homework.

Token economy. Combining positive reinforcement and response cost. The child earns rewards and privileges contingent on performing desired behaviors and loses the rewards and privileges based on undesirable behavior. Child earns stars for completing assignments and loses stars for getting out of seat. The child cashes in the sum of stars at the end of the week for a prize.

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS ” (American Academy of Pediatrics Page 1039)

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