Giving Choices

“Choice making is a simple means of promoting self-determination in early education (Heller et al. 2011). Children with disabilities who are able to make choices have been shown to have improved social interaction skills and are likely to show higher task persistence than children who do not have the opportunity to make choices (Hauser-Cram et al. 1993). Such decision making can facilitate later problem solving skills (Palmer and Wehmeyer 2003). Choice making has also been linked to greater independence and improved quality of life (Nota et al. 2007; Wehmeyer and Palmer 2003).”

Rispoli, M., Lang, R., Neely, L., Camargo, S., Hutchins, N., Davenport, K., & Goodwyn, F. (2013). A comparison of within- and across-activity choices for reducing challenging behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Behavioral Education, 22(1), 66-83. doi:


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