Cooperation & Collaboration Treatment

Collaboration and teamwork are essential to behavior change and yet can be the most difficult aspect to effective implementation of behavior tools and techniques.

Teamwork is talked about a lot but actual teamwork is something that is developed, cultivated, and grown. It does not come naturally or easily and likely involves experiencing conflict. The challenges are inherent in that each person has a valid perspective that is different than anothers and we must come together to work together regardless. And sometimes this does not occur and it is a joy when it does occur.

If we could all easily change our behavior, we would do it and there wouldn’t be a need for behavior services or therapeutic interventions. But we all need help, support, and direction from others at times.

Behavior analysis services and consulting can provide this support. A system of care that looks to evaluate all aspects of need and looks to develop creative solutions collaboratively every step of the way.




Trinity ABA, LLC’s System of Care includes:

  1. Assessment
  2. Analyzing
  3. Planning
  4. Teaching
  5. Training
  6. Evaluating
  7. Generalization
  8. Maintaining
  9. Fading
  10. Follow-Up

Through this System of Care we are able to provide clear, concise, comprehensive services to support behavior change.

It is our goal to provide our expertise to achieve the goals of our clients and families. To that end, we provide brief and comprehensive services to address critical issues and alleviate challenges and support increasing positive behaviors. However, it is essential that services are met with collaboration and cooperation to ensure that the best opportunity for behavior change is possible.

There are times when services cannot be completed through the System of Care because services are met with obstructions that cannot be overcome. In cases such as these, while discharge would never be a first response to challenges with behavior change, if cooperation is not feasible we may have no other choice but to consider discharge of services. We hope this is never the case.

Our goal is to help make changes that are important and valuable. Behavior change can be the difference of the quality of life of many and we hope to serve in a way that can be of greatest benefit. We are willing to go the distance with you if you will meet us in kind.


Owner & Clinical Director

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