Methods of Payment (Insurance)

We accept the following methods of payment: 

  • Private Pay (reduced price)

  • Step-Up-For Students Scholarship (Gardiner Scholarship)



  • Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

  • Medicaid (all HMO’s)

  • Tricare

Additional Insurances:  Contact our office as we are adding new insurances.

TO REQUEST ABA SERVICES CLICK HERE or call 352-442-2341 or 727-809-1328.



We provide services at a discounted rate for private pay clients and will be developing scholarship funds for families in need.


Gardiner Step Up For Students Scholarship

We are a provider for the Florida Step Up For Students Scholarship.

Please call 727-809-1328 or email to request information, to receive a schedule of fees,  and to schedule an intake appointment.

For more information for children in Florida with special needs and how to apply for this educational scholarship click here.

Medicaid Referral Requirements

If your child (individual under age 21) they may be able to receive behavior analysis services through Medicaid. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Have your Florida Medicaid Physician write a letter indicating Florida Medicaid Physician Letter for ABA Services TEMPLATE

  • Child needs “ABA services for challenging behaviors”; and
  • Child’s Date of Birth; and
  • Child’s Current Medicaid ID; and
  • Child’s diagnosis; and
  • Signed by the physician

Step 2. Submit the completed letter by fax 217-264-1295, email us by clicking here.

Step 3. Your ABA provider will submit the letter and forms completed by the practitioner to Medicaid for processing; next

Step 4. If approved, Medicaid will authorize a Behavior Assessment; next

Step 5. Your BCBA will then conduct an assessment and develop a behavior plan that, with your consent, will be submitted to Medicaid for processing; next

Step 6. Medicaid will approve or deny services.

Step 7. If approved, services will begin as approved.